Social Media


During my last few years with Belkin as the Head Social Media Content Creator we ran with a lean team of 3 amazing women. With a limited budget, the majority of our shoots were shot in-house and around campus using a diverse range of employees, as models, to produce content within an hour. This monthly task required me to wear many hats, including but not limited to: management, planning, art direction, set styling, and editing. Check out BRANDING & TRADE SHOWS for more Belkin content.

Almond Blossom

Playful, and a little quirky, we've allowed flowers and the colorful lives of Almond Blossom consumers to accentuate the thoughtful monochromatic packaging in our digital spaces. Throughout the entire grid we phase through weekly color themes to mimic the colorful blooms that our wildflower seeded paper produce when planted. For the month of "Movember" we took the opportunity to offer men more lash with their stash in supporting men's health month. Check out BRANDING for more Almond Blossom content.