The first haircare system for your hair cut; the pixie, shag, blunt, bob, curly bob, long layers, long curly—designed to make the most of your hair's best intentions. Allura, Tuesday, Zoe, Simone and Evie are hair personalities: each with their own stories and style. This fun-loving start-up brand sold in Sephora was a collaborative creation of talented designers, illustrators, and dreamers. My role as one of the Sr. Designers included print and production phases as well as conceptional development of store front. All rights reserved by Creed Strategic Imaging.

Almond Blossom

Smart Beauty. AlphaLash by Almond Blossom (originally Alphaeon) is a nourishing eyelash growth serum that produces longer, fuller, healthier lashes. Hired as an outside contractor I was tasked to refresh its rebranding in addition to developing its social media presence. This B2B brand has since been a passion project being that we chose to move forward with a sustainable design. Almond Blossom is not only nourishing lashes, but giving back to mother nature. All materials are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved: we use soy inks and wildflower seeded paper that can grow when planted. With thoughtful monochromatic packaging, we allow flowers and the colorful lives of our consumers to be the accent to our designs in our digital spaces. In 2021, we look to launch a phase two refresh implementing new plant based vials. Check out SOCIAL MEDIA for more Almond Blossom content.


Rework, rebuild, regenerate, because youthful beauty starts within with Cellure Skincare. My role as one of the Sr. Designers working on this challenging yet sleek packaging included branding collaboration and production development. All rights reserved by Creed Strategic Imaging.


TRESemmé Hair Care empowers the modern women to go above and beyond—to not just be themselves, but to be unafraid to show themselves. Hired as an outside contractor I was tasked to design print and digital editorial ads along with executing bus wraps.


My mood, my style, my way, LuxHair, celebrity endorsed wigs and extensions. NOW endorsed by Sherri Shepherd, WOW represented by Daisy Fuentes, and HOW featuring Tabatha Coffey. My role as Sr. Designer included the design and development of print collateral, editorial ads, product displays, and b-roll photography. All rights reserved by Creed Strategic Imaging.


Fredric Fekkai, luxury celebrity haircare because after all, hair is a woman's best accessory. Fekkai came in as a private equity brand and grew into a global Procter & Gamble line. In my role as one of the Designers I worked on print collateral, editorial ads, product displays, and store graphics. All rights reserved by Creed Strategic Imaging.


People Inspired Products. Belkin International is known for their renowned product technology that connects us to the people, activities and experiences we love. I took on many roles during my time with Belkin, from Senior Designer of branding to Head Social Media Content Creator. I worked on packaging, campaigns in both print and video, trade show environmental designs, and social media shoots that included the planning, management, art direction, set styling, and editing. Check out SOCIAL MEDIA & TRADE SHOWS for more Belkin content.

Pieces of Eight

Pieces Of Eight, also known as the Spanish dollar, was widely used by many countries as the first international currency. Hired as an outside contractor for Guthy Renker I was tasked to develop a limited-edition package which later aired and sold on the show, Treasure Hunter. The aesthetic of the package was produced by using texturizing methods on the sidewalk during a rainy day. The materials were later dried and scanned. We incorporated freehand illustrations to fully tie in the look and feel of the era.

Tower Three

Tower Three is a private equity firm that invests in middle market companies. With long-term committed capital from major institutional investors, the firm focuses on businesses that are under-performing their potential or that are facing financial challenges. My role as Art Director included the design and development of stationary, holiday cards, and identity for their newest division: Tower Three Medical. All rights reserved by Creed Strategic Imaging.


A love and respect for simplicity. Inspired by the constellations, sans serif typeface "Galexia" was hand developed by me and was used for a NASA space coin collection. Sans serif typeface "Aspire" was later developed for a wet to dry hair iron (originally called The Croc) supported by smoothing haircare products. Both projects were aired on TV and sold under Guthy Renker.

Me & Hue

Just for fun. I developed a "Me & Hue" Pantone Series around two designers, who started dating leading up to Valentine's Day. The magnets were hand crafted based on actual dates and conversations. As a designer, it only made sense that it would also come with branded materials to be considered a proper "packaged" gift. The magnets were accompanied with a typographic poster "U&I" and, of course, a card with kerning in mind.