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About Me

As a Branding Designer, my journey has been one of many creative passions as reflected in my portfolio. After 15 years in the industry, it is my on-going mission to support Sustainable Projects, Minority and Female-Founded Businesses, along with LGBTQ, Wellness, and Body Positive Brands. I look forward to opportunities that allow me to work with fun progressive clients—to dream, collaborate, and develop something inspiring with a purpose. Let’s create something better together. My creative services include branding, print, packaging, social media content creation, photo editing, and web design.

A brief history of my creative journey:

Atlanta-born in 1982 into a family of creative’s, I grew up alongside my father’s photography business. This gave me a meticulous eye for details, photo composition, lighting, set styling, and retouching. I gravitated toward typography and logo design in high school but quickly found my true passion after being exposed to the world of packaging during college. In 2001, I spent a year in community college on a soccer scholarship taking photography and drawing classes before transferring to a graduate art school. There I attended 2 years majoring in Graphic Design. After graduation in 2004, I moved out to California to pursue my career with a prominent focus in branding and packaging. The past 15 years have allowed so much personal growth; helping to finesse my skills while also providing opportunities to extend my body of knowledge in areas like management, development in social media, and designing environmental spaces for trade shows. I’ve spent 10 years in the beauty industry and 5 years in tech. In 2019, I began my own business journey after receiving an opportunity to launch a sustainability-focused brand and joined the Professional Beauty Association. Since then, my Domestic partner and I of 6 years—a creative himself—decided to combine our catalog of tools to offer our clients the complete branding experience.

Located in Marina del Rey, Los Angeles, CA

Phase 1: Let's chat!

All successful projects start with a good partnership. As a starting point here are some things we'll discuss to lay the groundwork.

  • Overview of your company & brand.
  • Your unique project needs and the goals you'd like to achieve.
  • The personality and tone you envision.
  • Other brands that inspire you.
  • Your target audience.
  • Project and event deadlines.
  • Where your product is or will be sold.
  • File type needs.
  • Budget.

Phase 2: It's a fit!

A Proposal will be provided to you that will include the Project Overview, Timelines, Pricing, and legal Terms & Conditions. I have a network of vendors but if you have a pre-existing relationship with one you prefer to use just let me know and I'd be happy to work with them.